Free Webinar! 7M Culture 

Shapers Webinar w/ Os Hillman

How to influence culture by understanding how to influence 7 cultural mountains.


Did you know it only takes 3-5% of a leadership operating at the top of a cultural mountain to influence and control that mountain?

     In this Free 50 minute web class, you will discover:
  • Why culture is defined by 7 cultural mountains.
  • Why culture is shaped by as little as 3-5% of leadership at the top of a cultural mountain.
  • A case study of how one group literally changed society’s view of their agenda with less than 3% of the population.
  • The sociological proof that these cultural mountains determine values and beliefs in culture.
  • Why unity within the 7 cultural mountains is key to impact on society.
  • How the 7 mountain message came about and why we have not been successful.
  • Why the 7 mountain message is not a theology or dominionism.
  • The reason the Gospel of Salvation has failed to impact culture.
  • Why culture change is a fruit, not a goal.
  • Why Jesus never transformed an entire community and what we need to learn from that.
  • What we can learn about how Jesus impacted his culture.
Os Hillman
Please join me for a free 7M Culture Shaping Webinar. You'll discover how business, government, arts and entertain, media, the family, education, and the church are the primary shapers of culture. Learn how to be God's change agent among the 7 cultural mountains. 
"Os provides an updated map surveying the seven mountains that shape culture He adds an important distinction; those at the top, the elites and their networks, are but a remnant--yielding power totally disproportionate to their numbers. He makes clear that it is a mistake to think that the majority shapes culture--it's quite the opposite; it is always a remnant at the top."

Dr. Lance Wallnau
  • Plus
  •  The difference between using your spiritual authority versus seeking earthly power.
  •  Discover the one institution that convenes all 7 cultural mountain leaders each week.
  •  The one thing Jesus did that you can do that will allow you to make a greater impact on your sphere of influence.
  • And a lot more!