Free Webclass! You ARE God's Change Agent!

Engage Your Passion to Make a Difference!


Discover God's processes for 

bringing you into the larger story of your life.

Please join me for a free YOU ARE A CHANGE AGENT webclass to discover God's processes for bringing you into His purpose for your life. You'll discover why God wants you to experience His life in your work, life and community. 

     In this Free 35 minute web class, you will discover:
  • Why God sees who you are becoming instead of who you've been or who you are now.
  • Why God sings when he hears your name! Really!!
  • Why you were made for more than just managing problems in life. 
  • God's method of bringing you into His larger story for your life. 
  • Why we often must become a "free agent" before we can become a "change agent".
  • Why God uses whatever you overcome in battle as your authority to impact others. 
  • How to use the "junk" in our lives as "spiritual manure" for spiritual growth and fulfillment. 
  • The reason a crisis should not concern you. Learn why these are actually catalysts to experience your larger story. 
  • Why God uses everyday people to accomplish His plans. 
  • Hear Os Hillman's powerful testimony of how God turned his 7 year crisis into making him an international change agent! And, how God will do the same for you!
Os Hillman
"As Christians we are called to be change agents. If people are being changed society and culture will be changed as well. Os Hillman does a great job of showing us how." 

- David Green, 
Founder, Hobby Lobby

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