NovaTech is a Forex and Crypto trading platform that pays out an average of 2-4% weekly. It pays out every Friday on investments and every Satruday for affiliate commissions.

Is NovaTech a Scam?

Perhaps in your due diligence you came across some unflattering videos about NovaTech being a scam. We can assure you NovaTech is not a scam, far from it. But just in case you need proof, here it is.
Click Here to Read and Watch Our Due Diligence Report

Auto-Reinvest Feature Went Live 10/20/22

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What Are My Tax Liabilities with NovaTech?

The rule in the US is you are not taxed until you bring crypto out and convert to US dollars or if you convert to another crypto. It is then that it is a taxable event. NovaTech does not issue tax forms at the end of the year as they are serving clients all around the world using crypto, not US dollars. Your exchange would issue tax information after that transaction takes place at the end of the year.

Please note you must fund your account within 48 ours after you open an account.

Zoom Support Calls

12.1.22 Support Call with John Ninan on Affiliate Program and building teams

Support Call 11.1.22
Video of James Corbett, 3 year member of Novatech

Member Call September 1, 2022

There are 5 States NovaTech is not approved in for trading
Alaska, Texas, Montana, Hawaii & SC due to their trading regulations.

Here is your option: Open an LLC in Wyoming following these instructions.

Can I Have a Personal & Business Account?

You can have two personal accounts per household (husband and wife) and a business account if you have two names on your business account.

NovaTech Corporate Addresses

  Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center
PO Box 1510
Beachmont Kingstown, Saint George VC0120
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

1825 NW Corporate Blvd, Suite 110 Boca Raton, Florida 33431

SignUp Bonuses
Build Your Affiliate Team and Earn Bonuses

Direct referral bonuses are a flat fee paid to Sponsor upon funding of their direct referral’s trading account.

Based on package selected by direct referral based on the following breakdown: *

     Affiliate Package: $49.95, no trading deposit. Does NOT qualify Sponsor for Direct Referral   bonus. 

     Builder Tier: Enroll a builder package $99 - $499 USD and qualify for a $10 bonus.

     Bronze Tier: Enroll a bronze package $500 - $2,499 USD and qualify for a $50 bonus.

     Silver Tier:  Enroll a silver package $2500 – $4,999 USD and qualify for a $125 bonus.

     Gold Tier: Enroll a gold package $5,000 - $9,999 USD and qualify for a $250 bonus.

     Platinum Tier: Enroll a platinum package $10,000 - $24,999 USD and qualify for a  $500 bonus.

     VIP Tier: Enroll a VIP package $25,000 - $99,999 USD and qualify for a $1250 bonus.
     President Tier: Enroll a President package $100,000 USD or more and qualify for a $5000 bonus.

• Upgrades in packages qualify the Sponsor to receive the difference in referral bonus.

EXAMPLE: Sponsor a Bronze package and receive $50. If that member later upgrades to Platinum package receive an additional $450.

Platinum package = $500 bonus minus $50 already paid for Bronze membership qualification.

Users must upgrade to next tier in order to qualify the Sponsor to receive an upgrade bonus.

Do You Need a Cold Storage Device?

Watch this video on the compensation plan

NovaTech Support Zoom Call 10.13.22

Watch this special webinar featuring Cythina Petion, CEO of NovaTech

Steps to Getting Started

1. Open an exchange account if you don't already have one.
2. Fund your exchange via a wire transfer from your bank.
3. Decide what level of opening investment. Purchase that amount in  Litecoin (LTC) on your exchange.
4. Enroll in NovaTech using Sponsor link below.
5. Follow instructions on how to fund your NovaTech account or make an appointment with Lisa to assist you.
6. Go through the tutorials below.

Watch this Video Presentation on Novatech and It's Affiliate Program

Sponsor Enrollment under Os Hillman/Marketplace Leaders:

Sponsor Enrollment with Pamela Hillman/LifeChangers Legacy

We recommend you first sign-up to our training website if you have not already done so.
You can register by going here: https://www.castyournets.net/offers/F42N7HBo

Once you are signed up, click on this link to be brought to the training videos on Novatech:

We also encourage you to review the video tutorials int he back office of your NovaTech account.

Is NovaTech Licensed?

"We are not licensed. We are private traders, our jurisdiction does not require licensing.  NovaTech is registered both with MetaTrader and the Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,which requires we remain in good standing in order to perform our services.

However, the trading activity and company structure is statutorily exempt from regulation from such authorities. In the US, NovaTech is registered as Crypto Hedge Fund.
We do not trade Forex for US residents.

Thank you.
NovaTech Support"

Note: US accounts are tied to US citizens inside the trading platform and do not trade FX. NovaTech is using crypto bots to generate profits, which is the Hedge fund. Their Forex Trading is  from other country's profits are put into the pot to figure out the ROI.

Cynthia Petion, Founder & CEO shares corporate powerpoint on the NovaTech program

Cynthia Petion shares her vision for NovaTech

NovaTech US offices are located in Palm Beach, Florida

To contact Os Hillman text him at 404-964-2777 or email at os@marketplaceleaders.org