Help Us Rebuild the Wall of Culture by Joining Our Sponsors!
Partnering with us as a Joseph/Caleb Sponsor shows us you are a company or individual with vision, faith and courage. You see the opportunity to make a big difference in our culture by being a key financial partner with us in an effort to make a difference in the culture. Your sponsorship provides needed funds for us to offset our upfront summit costs and in return you receive maximum exposure and connectivity to al the summit attendees. 

The earlier you sponsor the more media exposure you receive as a sponsor. Millions of media impressions will be received as your logo is seen by prospective attendees. 

Review our Summit Sponsor brochure for all details of this and other sponsor packages. 
Speaker Sponsor $7500
Nehemiah was a builder. He understood what it meant to put sweat, prayer and collaboration together to restore what had been broken. Our Nehemiah Partners want to take ownership of one of the cultural mountains by saying, “This is my mountain! I am going to be first on the wall to rebuild it. Join us as we rebuild the mountain of culture together.
David's Mighty Men Sponsor
David won his battles on the ground. He knew that it took strategic ground strategies to defeat his enemies. He was part of a group that started our as David’s misfits that became David’s Mighty Men. The collective influence of this level sponsorship shows you are willing to be part of God's army.
Timothy Sponsor
Faithful men and women who invest in others and are willing to play any role they can to affect change is a hallmark of the Timothy Sponsor. Leveraging many, not matter how small, can make a huge difference in winning or losing. A Timothy Sponsor knows the value of any contribution to a great cause can make a big difference. Join us as we disciple the nation together. 
Connect your product or service with Summit attendees. Exhibit tables will surround the main meeting hall allowing you to be close to all the attendees throughout our time together. They will have access to you during break times and meal times. There are a limited number of tables so please reserve early. Exhibit tables are 6 ft long and 30 inches wide.There are 28 tables available. 
Our Exhibitors
6 ft x 30 inches draped with white table cloth
Charlie Lewis - The Kingdom System
Overcomer Movie
Nehemiah Project
Essentials in Education 
Love Like Jesus
Pure Flix Entertainment
Renaissance Communications
Transformational Leadership & 
Eternal Leadership Podcast
Business Advantage
Marketplace Chaplains
Kurzen Group
Jesus Christ CEO Institute
Elyon Enterprise Strategies
Holland Litho
Hope & Grace International
Marketplace Leaders/TGIF Today God Is First
LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries
World Changer Network
Divine Exchange
Broadstreet Publishers
Sedera Health
Epic Events Global
Master's Program for Women
Corporate Chaplains
Right Now Media
LifeBranch Institute
Shepherd's Guide
WFAX Radio

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